SHFT Pro - World's Most Intelligent Virtual Running Coach

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SHFT PRO is the world’s first virtual running coach that will help become a better and faster runner. SHFT accurately tracks and analyzes your full body running style through two intelligent pods that are placed on your chest and on your right shoe. Your running data is translated into simple and actionable coaching instructions in real-time.

SHFT PRO is built to help you perfect your technique, correct bad habits and make sure you run right. The system uses one pod on your foot and one on your chest to build a complete picture of the way you run. It combines a vast amount of collected running data with advanced analysis, animations and real-time coaching.

Whether you’re training to run your first 5k or to make the Olympic team, this breakthrough technology will give you new insights into your running technique as well as coaching on how to improve your running and reduce the risk of injuries. Running will never be the same again.